The scanning

The secret to reproducing limited edition, fine art prints successfully, is in the scanning. The ultimate in fine art scanning is the German built Cruse Flatbed Fine Art Scanner, which enables art work, measuring up to 40ins x 50ins to be scanned lying on the flat bed of the scanner with no risk of damage to the painting. Paintings can even be scanned through glass without removing them from their frame. The problems of glare, so often encountered when reproducing large oil paintings, are normally totally eliminated by the even lighting which travels with the scanner head over the top of the painting, thus giving an even light across the whole painting.

Cruse scanners are used by the world’s leading museums. They cost many times more than the average scanner, and as a result, there are only a handful available for use throughout the world. We use the Cruse Scanning process primarily because we care about the quality of the reproduction. The Cruse Scanner has enabled us to overcome problems of print production that have plagued us for years!

The paper

The original art papers have been coated to provide consistent colour reproduction and gamut, while maintaining the look and feel that we artists expect from our papers. Each material has been specifically developed to produce or reproduce the work, highlighting the creativity that we originally envisioned.

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